DMA Farms has recently started offering its vegetable sector clients with Customized Farming Services.

Customized Farming

DMA Farms’ Customized Farming Services

Customized Farming Services is a new concept that was recently introduced in Egypt and is gaining increasing popularity. DMA Farms has developed a department within its company focusing on cultivating cyclical crops for the local and international market. This allows DMA Farms to offer all services required to cultivate, harvest and deliver crops throughout customized to client needs. This newly introduced business model has allowed DMA Farms to work with frozen food factories, helping them maintain costs.

DMA Farms’ Customized Farming Services allows clients to choose the types, volumes and delivery dates that they please for at least four cyclical crops for a year. Clients also have the choice of chemical, pesticide and fertilizer programs to be used. An internationally accredited third party is then hired to conduct tests on the products to ensure safety and the proper implementation of what was planned. Finally a contract is signed between DMA Farms and the client stating the volumes, quotations and delivery dates of the Customized Farming Service job that was agreed upon

Pack Houses & Export

Due to our limited volumes in the earlier stages of our business, our company still hasn’t invested in its own packhouse and cooling rooms, however, this is being studied in the meantime and should start implementation in 2013 DMA Farms currently leases out the top of the line packhouses when an order is placed and is used throughout the season as we please. 2010 was our first attempt to export in Europe Successfully Exported 1 Container of Florida Prince Peaches and 12 Containers of Superior Sugarone Grapes to Holland.


Service will be available soon