about us

DMA Farms is an agricultural enterprise that was founded in 2002. Since its inception, DMA Farms’ rapid growth quickly established it as one of the leading producers and exporters of fresh produce in Egypt.
DMA Farms’ enthusiasm and passion towards Egypt’s rich agricultural heritage started with a single plot of 100 Feddans, and has expanded into over 1500 Feddans today, cultivating a growing variety of fresh produce in amassing volumes.


DMA Farms was founded in 2002 by acquiring Al- Arabia for Agricultural Development’s 100 Feddans of olive cultivation. In 2003, DMA Farms started re-cultivating this land and adding a variety of fruits over the coming years. Keit and Kent mangoes were introduced in 2003, followed by Florida Prince, UF Gold and Nectar Peaches in 2004. Tommy Atkins, Naomi and R2E2 Mangoes in 2005 and more Florida Prince Peaches in 2006.  This totaled into 20 Feddans of Peach cultivations, 33 Feddans of Mango cultivations, while Olive production was sustained at 40 Feddans. Realizing the Egyptian market’s growth potential in fruit and vegetable production, DMA Farms expanded by acquiring further plots, as well as increasing their variety and production volume of fresh produce.

In 2007, DMA Farms acquired Haz Group’s 900 feddan plot in order to become a strategic exporter of fresh produce in Egypt.

Heavy soil and water tests were done on the 900 Feddans, to aid the managements decisions on which varieties would be cultivated on this land. Towards the end of 2008, the 900 Feddans had been recultivated into 50 Feddans of Florida Prince Peaches and 197 Feddans of Navel, Valencia, Lime and Lemon Citruses. In 2008, DMA Farms also seized the opportunity in acquiring The Egyptian Group for Agriculture (EGAP). Being adjacent to Haz Group’s former plot, EGAP’s 500 Feddans were re-cultivated into 14 Feddans of Florida Prince Peaches, 40 Feddans of Superior Table Grapes, 40 Feddans of Canino Apricots and 40 Feddans of Olive.

During 2011, DMA Farms cultivated an extra 196 Feddans of Valencia and Mandarine on the EGAP plot.

DMA Farms plans on preparing 14 Feddans of Tommy Atkins, Heidy and Naomi Mangoes to be cultivated by 2012.

Currently, DMA Farms plans to expand in its Peach and Mango operations by adding 16 Feddans of Early Swelling, Florida Prince and Nectar Peaches, and 21 Feddans of R2E2, Sensation and Kent Mangoes on the EGAP plot.

Vision & Mission

Vision To become a strategic partner to all our clients in the fresh fruit and vegetable markets, both local and international, allowing us to expand by growing our product varieties and reaching new markets.

Mission To invest in our employees and management systems to ensure the consistence and quality of our products. Shortening the geographical distance between us and our clients through supply chain management systems and strategic partnerships with reliable and trusted trade agents. To ensure the safety of our products through an exceptionally transparent traceability system.


DMA Farms’ Commitment to Quality
 DMA Farms has always distinguished itself from other local fresh produce suppliers by adopting the highest and strictest farming standards in its agricultural practices.

It has continuously strived to ensure its following of global farming standards to its clients, starting from inputs and types of fertilizers used during cultivation to the delivery of the fresh produce to them. These initiatives of quality assurance included working with the best external consultants and inspectors, ensuring unbiased evaluations of the products, the efficiency of the management system and a commitment to environmentally friendly practices.
DMA Farms is registered in the international bar-coding system, obtain the Global G.A.P certification in 2011 for its Peach and Table Grape crops.

DMA Farms strives to obtain the Global G.A.P certification for its Peach, Mango, Table Grape and Citrus crops. It will also endeavor on obtaining the ISO 22000 and the ISO 9001 certifications, to ensure the quality of the crops and the efficiency of operations to clients; all as part of its operational benchmarks of 2012.

International Market

DMA Farms has constantly aspired to strategically position itself as a leading supplier of fresh fruits and vegetables in the local and international market, with its continuous focus on expanding in variety and volumes offered.

Since its founding, DMA Farms has relied heavily on a wide spread network of sales agents and trading companies in Egypt as its distribution channels.

As of 2011, DMA Farms exported directly to the European market through our agent in Netherlands, where the first shipment totaled 12 containers of Superior Table Grapes and a container of Florida Prince Peaches.