Our Farms

Due to our limited volumes in the earlier stages of our business, our company still hasn’t invested in its own pack house and cooling rooms, however this is being studied at the mean time and should start implementation in 2013 DMA Farms currently leases out top of the line pack houses when an order is placed and is used throughout the season as we please. 2010 was our first attempt to export in Europe Successfully Exported 1 Container of Florida Prince Peaches and 12 Containers of Superior Sugarone Grapes to Holland

We Have One Goal

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Committed to meet the strict specifications and high Standard rightly expected of all suppliers.

Our challenge today is to meet the growing requirement importers and assist them in their goal of enhancing consumer satisfaction. We obtain our unique range of row materials to guarantee harvest of the highest quality, we carefully monitor the different requirements for each individual Plant. We Started growing fruits & vegetables since the 2000, and have always been known for their superior product & good reputation. EGAP Group have succeeded in expanding their planting areas from 200 acres in 2000, to over 2000 acres in 2011. All farms are owned by EGAP Group, whereas a few are fully supervised from the beginning  until the end of each crop’s cycle.

EGAP Group managed to secure Global-GAP accreditation for its farms. Which cover the 940 acres. Moreover, EGAP Group plantations depend on the rational use of chemicals and the application of IPM techniques, in order to secure a healthy high quality product, as the company is always keen to operate its farms in the most professional way of management that results in a quality product that matches international food safety criteria. The company invests in farms in different areas to achieve the ability of exporting earlier and prolonging seasons in crops such as Table Grapes, Peaches, Green Beans, Salad Onions, pomegranate and citrus.